Executive Board

Gregory Moore ( Chairman, C.E.O. )


Gregory has 13 years’ experience in the video game retail industry and has supported eSports development in Jamaica since 2007. He founded and operated Str8Games Limited from 2006-2018, co-created the Clan Pro Circuit eSports series and is the Current CEO for Virtual Reality Jamaica, operators of VRX virtual reality and eSports Center. 

Andrew Johnson ( Vice President, eSports Program Director )


Andrew is notably Jamaica’s most influential eSports tournament organizer. He has over 15 years’ experience in tournament planning, co-founder of the Caribbean eSports Alliance, creator of the Mash Di Button tournament series, co-creator of the Clan Pro Circuit eSports series and founder of Fighters Allegiance eSports team.

Matthew Lee ( General Secretary, International relations )


Director of Vnap international. A video content distribution company, with clients throughout Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas. Matthew has been involved in the gaming scene from childhood and has experience in managing and leading international clans in multiple game genres.

Ryan Moore ( Director of Special Projects )


Ryan in 2007 co-founded playjamaica.com, the first online competitive game platform that utilized prepaid credits for participation. He was instrumental in the execution of the Clan Pro Circuit and Mash Di Button eSports series and is currently the COO for for Virtual Reality Jamaica, operators of VRX virtual reality and eSports Center. 

Steven Grennell (Treasurer)


Steven is the Financial Director of Grennells Driving School. He is an avid fan of the Nintendo eco system and has been involved in the video game scene since childhood.

advisory board

Carlette DeLeon ( P.R and Marketing Advisor )


Carlette has extensive experience in marketing and public relations enhanced by keen knowledge of the entertainment industry. In a parallel media capacity, Carlette was a featured presenter on RJR's Tech 4 Life, RETV's INtech and a frequent blogger on her own www.CarletteDeLeon.com website.

Nicarno Williams ( Media and Marketing Advisor )


Nicarno has over a decade of experience in marketing and sales. In his position as Marketing Executive at Television Jamaica and TVJ Sports Network, he has successfully spearheaded publicity campaigns for several under-supported sports in Jamaica. He is dedicated to the development of sports in Jamaica as a means of elevating at-risk teens. 

Jason Facey ( Legal and eSports Planning Advisor )


Jason Facey was enrolled as an Attorney-at-Law within the Island of Jamaica in 2013 and has represented clients at every level of the judicial system since the beginning of his professional career. His practice now revolves around Corporate Law, Intellectual Property, Conveyancing and Litigation.  

Jason has been a gamer all his life which has culminated in a passion for participating in esports competitions. Jason is most adept at the Smash Brothers Franchise with results ranging from 1st place to Top 5 at organised competitions. Jason is also skilled at First Person Shooters, Fighting, Platformers and Role-Playing Games.

Mikhail Boswell ( Hardware Consultant, Int'l relations )


Mikhail is an Information Technology, Sales & Marketing Professional, with over a decade of experience and a proven track record of developing, implementing and managing solutions.