About The Jamaica Esports Initiative


Mission and Vision


The Jamaica Esports Initiative is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to creating innovative programs, hosting world-class events, developing social skills, fostering the development of eSport talents and laying the foundation for our youth to become engaged and recognized in the global eSport community. 



To be a globally recognized entity that will be the driving force behind Jamaica’s eSports tourism. 




  1. Implement regulatory rules and guidelines that are consistent with international eSports standards.
  2. Recruit a national eSports team for yearly eSports championships. 
  3. Initiate and forge meaningful relationships with international eSports bodies.
  4. Establish a yearly eSports festival that will significantly impact the growth of Jamaica's tourism sector. 
  5. Provide a reputable platform for developing social and disciplined eSports athletes. 
  6. Promote effective Media campaigns for the purpose of educating Parents, Corporate Entities, Media outlets, Government agencies and learning institutions.