Why Join THE J.E.I ?

Teams and Clubs

For teams and clubs who wish to participate in leagues and championships. Benefit from sponsorship, grants, product discounts and many more perks.

Examples: Fighting Game Clubs, FPS Clubs, Corporate Esports Clubs, Pro Gamer Clubs, High School Esports Clubs, College/University Esports Clubs, Parish Based Clubs, Clans, Esports Teams, Cosplay Clubs, Esports Professions Clubs

Arcade Operators

For arcade operators who wish to be zoned and authorized for J.E.I  events island wide. Access to sponsorship, equipment marketing and other resources to grow your esports business.

The JEI seeks to work through local arcade establishments in order to create a recommended standard for all operators. This standard will improve relationships with schools and corporate entities.

Tournament Organizers

For tournament organizers who seek J.E.I endorsements or wish to host a nationally ranked event. Access to workshops, professional development, grants, marketing and other resources.

The JEI will work with TO's to improve the quality of local events.


Please be advised that only the above mentioned categories will be considered for membership. Individuals with interest in the JEI may join the Discord Server

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